b'ForewordWhat we endured, learned, and accomplished this yearAmy Ginensky answer the questions that living with this virusfor more than a year has presented. Each of us has experiencedOur students, working remotely in class and in our this pandemic in our ownnew after-school program, have created eyewit-way. We probably dont evenness accountsgiving us unique reflections on understand what this deadlywhat they have lost, how they have coped, and virus has meant to us, neverhow they have changed. They have asked probing mind what it has been like forquestions and listened to community members, others in our communities.from the grocery store worker to frontline medi-We have heard stories, butcal workers to national experts on vaccines and have we listened? Can wetrauma, seeking to understand and record here feel others losses? Do we understand how hardwhat was lost, and what was achieved.it has been for our students and our teachers?Leading Healthy Change in Our Communities How about our first responders? Do we know what2021: Doing the Undoable in a Pandemic offers us helped get us through this time? Do we appreciateas readers a window into what we and so many what has been achieved? Do we know what hasothers endured, learned, and accomplished in the been learned for the future? face of COVID-19. Surely, we all did the undoable, Healthy NewsWorks provides students the op- and thanks to the hard work of our students, and portunity to learn, understand, and communicatethe teachers and staff working with them, we have about health issues. There was no way that thisan honest account of that shared history.years program could not focus on the largestAmy B. Ginensky, J.D. health story of our lives; and there was no way thatBoard President the program and its annual book could not try toHealthy NewsWorks1'