b'whats happening in minutes. Children can influ- Kevin Carter, grief counselorence from the bottom up.By Aritra Kundu, Mya Tyler, Kevin Carter works with kids Siani Wright, and Haalah Amarand families, helping them if Waring Healthy Times they are grieving or feeling sad or angry. He told us that as the pandemic continued, everyone was experiencing How to stay hopeful some kind of grief.Dr. Howard Stevenson said the pandemic yearBefore, people used to think has been difficult for children because they haveit was somebody elsenot been stuck at home without an opportunity tothemselveswho could need help dealing with interact with their peers.grief, said Mr. Carter, who is the clinical director of the Uplift Center for Grieving Children. But now, Not having your social group, that you can be inbecause so many families have been hurt by the the physical presence of, can be difficult. Youngpandemic, people can identify with other peoples people can become disillusioned about thefeelings, thoughts, and behaviors around grief.future, he said.Adults learned that grief really affects their children, His advice? Talk about what you are feeling.he added. They had to become better listeners. Keep a diary. A diary is fantastically helpful, especially if you are isolated and dont have aDuring the pandemic, the center moved from work-social group, he said. Some people can turning at six locations around the cityin schoolstheir diaries into novels later in life. and other community organizationsto working on Zoom with online group meetings. Mr. Carter Writing down what you are feeling is good forsaid that one benefit of the change was thatyour well-being, he said. When you write itchildren and caregivers could get help without down, youre taking yourself seriously.leaving their homes. 36'