b'I am wishing to go to the beach, go back to foot- I learned that I can draw and I draw pretty well. ball, not wear a mask, go to a Steelers game withAnother thing I learned about myself is that I a full crowd! can stay up late at night for a long period of timeGino Falco, fourth gradewithout going to sleep. Even though I know its not Cole Manor Healthy Comet good for you to stay up and not get enough sleep, I still do it, but Im working on it. Something else is that I can cook and bake. How I learned I could do I want to hang out with my friends and see familythis is when I was bored and I went to the kitchen in different states. It is hard to always wear a maskand started to cook a burger and fries.when I do see them and we cant get close to Dion Robinson-Tamagni, eighth grade them. I also really want to travel again and go toDePaul Healthy Trailblazer JournalJamaica for a family reunion. However, I know itis important to stay home and this is where I am comfortable.I want to go back to school. I miss seeing myAva Gordon, fourth gradefriends in person and I also miss the teachers. I Whitehall Healthy Reporter love being in the building because there are a lot of events. I miss learning in the building. I hope I can walk outside without wearing my mask I hope that my sister and aunt can come againand breathe the fresh air. What I want to do the from Mexico and that corona never comes back. most is go on an airplane to Disney World. I love Dayana Blas Reyes, fourth gradehow you get to see Mickey Mouse and Goofy and Cole Manor Healthy Comet take pictures with them. Theyre my favorite char-acters.Jaxson Pointer, third grade One of my dreams is to move to Las Vegas withEnon Healthy Warriormy family. I want to do this so I can meet my favor-ite YouTuber Chad Wild Clay. Ryan Ritter, fourth grade Cole Manor Healthy Comet59'