b'Illustration by Daniel Fuller, fourth grade, Cole Manor Healthy CometMs. McClintock said the pandemic gave her aBut Ms. Amati was proud of what they had ac-chance to get closer to her coworkers, helped hercomplished. People can see nurses, doctors, and to become more patient, and led her to realize thatother medical providers. Many dont know whats when she could not do any more herself, she hadgoing on in a laboratory. The pandemic, she said, her coworkers to depend on. put the lab in the spotlight.Testing for COVID was very demanding. In an in- When it is all over, Ms. Amati added, We will know terview at the height of the winter surge, lab tech- that we were at the beginning of a new frontier. We nologist Diane Amati said that she and coworkerswere on the front line, helping people get better. were finding it both challenging and scary: A lot ofHopefully we will never go through it again, but we people in our department have had to work manywill be prepared.hours of overtime, sometimes double shifts, week- By Cameron Ferraro and Angelyn Tamayoends. It has been very stressful. East Norriton Bulldog Bulletin24'