b'This year, summer has been very different. I usu- The pandemic has been spiking.ally can see my friends more, go to parties, and The strangest school year ever is winding down. Will summer interact with people. But, now I can barely do that. be anything like normal? And when I do I have to social distance.This isnt like any summer we have ever had. The coronavirus is going to impact our daily lives for a very long time and Im sad about that. I know that this will continue for the rest of the summer until June we find a cure! Coronavirus, please go away! Sara Chaaraoui, seventh grade On the last day of school, Ms. Andrews announcedEast Norriton Bulldog Bulletin she would be leaving AMY Northwest and would be teaching at another school next year. Sinceshe was not only my English teacher but myJulyhomeroom and favorite teacher, I was absolutely heartbroken. I do not think Ive ever cried over any- The day we got my dog Kerry, all of the other pup-one that hard. I was in front of my laptop eating mypies in her litter already were rescued. When we lunch like I would on any normal day. Little did met her she looked at us and her eyes sold us. I know this day was far from that.She was so sweet and graceful.Andell Quartey, seventh gradeTeagan Farrell, fourth grade AMY Northwest Healthy Bulldog Cole Manor Healthy CometAlthough we are in a pandemic, my summer hasI wrote my book Johns Virtual School Journey been good so far. I have been going to my poolover the summer of 2020 because this pandemic and also doing a lot of crafts. I have been with myis so boring. I wanted to go on an adventure. I also family a lot. wanted to help people learn and have fun at theBryana Urea, fourth gradesame time.St. Veronica contributing writerJohn Lambert, second grade Enon Healthy Warrior8'