b'November People are getting used to a world of virtual and hybrid everything. The moment that stands out to me is when JoeWhat will the winter andBiden won the election and is going to be oura new year bring?president for 2021.Kenneth Stokes, fifth grade William Rowen Healthy Roar DecemberThanksgiving was just so good vibes and stuff. I got to see my great-great-grandma. I went to myOn Christmas Eve, me, my sister, little brother, my aunties house and afterward my aunt gave every- grandma, grandpa, my mom and uncle went to one gifts. my Aunt Chiles to celebrate Christmas and rock Taylor Manning, fifth gradestatues of Jesus as a baby, and the adults sang a William Rowen Healthy RoarSpanish song.Kaeley Cazares, fourth grade Cole Manor Healthy Comet Thanksgiving was different this year, because of COVID. We usually have Thanksgiving at my Aunt Colleens house. But this year we had it at ourI was able to celebrate Christmas safely with my house. My dad cooked dinnerhe made turkey,family. I was still able to go to church on Christmas mashed potatoes, corn, and stuffing. Eve, but we did wear a mask, and families were Teagan Farrell, fourth gradespaced out with only 10 people in each row. The Cole Manor Healthy Cometchurch also closed every other row, so I felt safe. On Christmas morning we opened up our pres-ents, just like we do every year. This year it was 11'