b'I learned that I need to take a break. The pan-demic has taken a really hard mental toll on me. A lot of personal things happened because of it and I was just sad a lot of the time. But with the help of my family, they helped me to climb this moun-tain. The main part that I learned was take care of yourself and family and friends. They are the most important things in this very short life of ours. Cherish them and keep them close. Jehiel Ferrell, eighth grade DePaul Healthy Trailblazer JournalI would like to go to Dave & Busters. I am craving Dave & Busters French fries and chicken strips! Illustration by Evah Mitchell-Ross, fifth grade,We used to play the race car games as we waited Highland Elementary School contributing artistfor our food. I remember trying to get as many tickets as possible to redeem them for a toy. It has been a while since my family has been out I really am looking forward to meeting up in personsomewhere. We used to have our mom-mom join with people, not just on weird Zoom calls. Anotherus when we went out, but since the pandemic we thing I want to do this summer is to be able to godont see her often. I miss being together asto the pool. I really liked doing it last year. I wanta family. to run with my track team again. I also would like to go back to church in person again and do more Jordan Martin-Johnson, fourth grade things with other kids. Whitehall Healthy Reporter Biko Esters, seventh grade Enon Healthy Warrior61'