b'OctoberWe were able to celebrate Halloween with one of my friendswe went to different houses, we brought masks in case they asked us to wear one. I also got chased by an adult dressed up as the person that steals peoples souls.Ryan Ritter, fourth grade Cole Manor Healthy Comet Illustration by Gizelle Diaz-Hernandez, fifth grade, Willliam Cramp Fit Flyer Usually, I go treat-or-tricking and dress in a cos-tume. This year I did not see anyone walking My brothers birthday was in September and thingsaround in costumes or passing out candy. It made were somewhat back to normal. It was cool, heme feel sad because nobody is really around. We had a surprise birthday gathering at my grand- stayed inside, but my mom and nana made it feel parents house. We havent seen each other inspecial because we carved pumpkins and placed months so to see them was awesome. It was likea candle inside of them. We also ate pizza and that whole weekend was a celebration. The nextplayed with our dog. I hope next Halloween is back day we went to the arcade and the mall with myto normal.mom, dad, brother, and myself. We ended theChristopher Garchinsky, fourth grade weekend with a little bit of my cousins. We went toWhitehall Healthy Reporter Urban Air. Its a trampoline park that had bumping cars that flipped over. We all had a good time and it was like normal again except having to always wear a mask. Thats why now I just stay home to keep safe. Mekhi Carter, fifth grade William Rowen Healthy Roar 10'