b'ments into smaller pieces so they feel more man- What helps Ms. Washington-Leslie handle the ageable. And have the courage to ask questions.stress of online teaching is engaging with herBy Healthy Comet staffstudents. When students come in and talk and Cole Manor Elementary School joke with me, students come in with energy and good mornings and ready to start their day, and I see them, that really relieves the stress of this Morgan Washington-Leslie, fourth grade teacher online learning. By Ameer Harris, Serenity McGriff, andFor Morgan Washington-Jamerah McLean-Carter Leslie, a fourth grade teacherJames Logan Healthy Eagleat James Logan Elementary School, navigating thetechnology and multitaskingKatie Ogoussan, third grade teacherwere the easy parts ofvirtual school.Technology is amazing and has saved this school year, I have been what somesaid Katie Ogoussan, a third people call a technology guru for some time. Zoomgrade teacher at Gotwals was new to me, so that was kind of a challenge forElementary School.me, she told us in April 2021.She hopes next September What she found most challenging was when stu- will look more normal and that dents ignored her: turning off their cameras, going100 percent of her students on another website, playing on other devices, orreturn to the building. Everyone needstalking with siblings while shes teaching.a chance to heal, she said.I get frustrated and annoyed, she says. I try notFor Mrs. Ogoussan, big challenges during the to let anybody make me mad. We only have 47pandemic included students who sometimes were days of school left and Im still waiting for people distracted at home or who had weak internet con-to say, good morning. 53'