b'Our project teamWe are deeply grateful to the book project team for their enthusiasm,dedication, and professionalism.Thank you especially to Lisa Tracy, who servedas overall editor, and to Mary Lowe Kennedy,Ted Duncombe, and Rhonda Dickey for editing support. Healthy NewsWorks staffers Mia Blitsteinand Sarah Lowing played invaluable roles insetting up interviews, guiding our reporters throughtheir research and writing, and helping keep theproject on track. Thanks also to Dawn Heefner and Amy Ginensky,who developed a companion video script and attended many of our weekly book meetings. Craig Reeseserved as the book designer, and The Homer Group, Inc., as printer. And a special shout-out to stafferDiane Davis for expanding our community network. Marian Uhlman Executive Director Healthy NewsWorks Illustration by Maleah Dixon, fourth grade, James Logan Healthy Eagle64'