b'I want to go to Virginia. My family was supposed toI became a lot more independent. I started real-go to Virginia over spring break like we did in 2019.izing I have to earn more money and be produc-I also want to have a party when my braces cometive on my own as a teenager approaching high off, with all the foods I cant eat right now becauseschool. I have grown into a young man ready to of my braces. take action and I am very proud of myself. I have Daniel Fuller, fourth gradebecome more independent and a better person.Cole Manor Healthy CometJoshua Harris, eighth grade DePaul Healthy Trailblazer JournalThe most challenging thing has been not being able to be around family and attend family events.I really want to go back to in-person school. If we I also miss being in crowds of people. I have mixedgo back to school this year it would be hybrid. feelings about school. It has been rewarding beingSo I am excited for when we go back to full-time at home and working virtually. There isnt the rushschool! Whenever we go back.to school and the tight scheduling of classes, but ITeagan Farrell, fourth grade still miss my friends. I like face-to-face rather thanCole Manor Healthy Cometvirtual classes.I would tell my children/grandchildren that I lived through a very serious historical event and I What I want to do is go back to school with my survived. I am also going to tell them how easyfriends so that we can play basketball together. I they have it, like older generations tell us. want to visit my grandma, my uncle, my friends and family. Raymond Tarin, seventh grade Enon Healthy WarriorAaron Howard, fourth grade James Logan Healthy Eagle60'