b'that is becoming stronger in the weight room orPhysically it brought huge challenges for the ath-helping them be well-conditioned with running.letes. They didnt get to go to the gym, didnt have How has your job changed since access to all the equipment they were used to, so the start of the pandemic?they had to be creative. We had a lot of Zoom calls to encourage them to train hard while being away It has changed a lot. We have had to adapt tofrom the ballpark. It was hard to be apart from all these different requirements. When you wenteach other. Their routine was switched on them.to the weight room in the past, everyone couldIt was difficult.come in at the same time without worrying about keeping enough space between them. During theHow has the pandemic affected your lifepandemic, we had to consider how big was ourpersonally? How has your life changed?room to train in and how many people we couldIt has given us a lot more time, because we have allow in the room at the same time. The athleteshad to stay at home. You got more time to do more had specific times to train, and they would leave sothings you enjoy doing. I got to be more physically another set of athletes could come in. We had toactive, and I got to run more often. be mindful and respectful of each others space. Can you give us examples of somethingpositive that has come out of the pandemic?BiographiesA lot of positives came out of the pandemic. It hasDuriel Hardy, M.D., is a pediatric neurologist taught me as a coach and taught the players toand a fellow in pediatric neuroimmunology be able to work in whatever space you are given.and neuroinflammatory disorders at Childrens If you have a small garage gym and couldnt be atHospital of Philadelphia. He competed in the the ballpark or gym, you learn how to work in thatU.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in 2020.garage. Sometimes you dont have a lot of equip-ment. You learn to be creative. If you dont haveDong Lien has spent 17 seasons in profes-heavy weights, you can pack a backpack full ofsional baseball and 10 seasons working in books to exercise with it.Major League Baseball, including his current How do you feel the pandemic has affectedrole with the Philadelphia Phillies as assistant players physically and/or mentally? strength and conditioning coach.49'