b'A chronicle of the plague yearIt begins. School and home lives are thrown into chaos. Families try tohold to dear traditions in a world turned upside down.March 2020 to about four different markets because they were so crowded and there wasnt any food on the On Thursday, March 12, 2020, everybody at shelves. We couldnt even find any chicken, and Gotwals Elementary School heard the announce- thats my favorite. I remember when we went into ment over the loudspeaker, Good afternoon, the local Target store and two women were fight-Gotwals Elementary School students. Unfortu- ing over the last roll of toilet paper. That fight stood nately, we all will be given a two-week vacation atout to me the most because Ive never imagined home because of coronavirus. We will be cleaningthat would ever happen.the schools while you are at home. Everybody Samyah Evans, eighth gradein my classroom was so happyalthough someAMY Northwest contributing writerwere cryingjumping, laughing, and screaming. Me on the other hand was all of them. I didnt know how to react. When I went home that day, I toldI celebrated my birthday on March 30, 2020. It my mom what happened. She said she would bewas definitely a weird birthday. We couldnt go working from home. anywhere because we had just started a citywide quarantine in Philadelphia. At first, I was angry Katelynn Gibbs, third gradethat I couldnt go anywhere that I planned to go for Gotwals Healthy Press my birthday. However, I was grateful that my mom had planned and surprised me with things for my The very first day our city shut was March 13,birthday, and I will never forget it. 2020. I remember my mom panicking because we Takayla Bell, eighth grade didnt have any food in the house. I recalled goingAMY Northwest contributing writer 5'