b'Has the pandemic influenced your poems? your opinion of yourself is all that matters. If you If so, how has it affected your writing? Are are doing a good job that is what matters. If youyou writing more or less? focus on what the haters say, you will try to be I am definitely writing more. I am totally virtualtheir perfect person. I am learning to live my truth, this school year. Due to the pandemic, I have doing what I want to do. I have definitely grownmore time to write poetry because I dont have tofor the better.commute to school anymore. By making time to practice what I love to do I found more balance during the pandemic.How has National Youth Poet Laureate BiographiesAmanda Gormans poem during theinauguration influenced your poetry?Cydney Brown is Philadelphias Youth Poet We looked at the poem in class yesterday. As aLaureate and the author of Daydreaming,poet, I love her play on words and alliteration. Shea collection of poems. She is a junior atinspired me to try different things out. Abington Friends School. What were you thinking when you saw Lesa Cline-Ransome is the author of several Amanda Gorman? How did seeing her makechildrens books and novels celebrating the you feel? hidden stories of American history. Her book I was so in awe seeing someone who looks likeOverground Railroad was selected as a 2021 me on TV for everyone across the world to hearNotable Childrens Book by the Associationher share her voice, her truth.for Library Service to Children.How have you changed since the pandemic?Kerri Ryan is assistant principal violist inHave you changed for the better or worse? the Philadelphia Orchestra. Ms. Ryan andher husband, violinist William Polk, areI would say I changed for the better. At the begin- founding members of the award-winningning of the pandemic, I cared about everythingMinneapolis Quartet.someone would say about me. I have learned that 45'