b'Rev. Dr. Alyn Waller, senior pastor What is the biggest change youve hadto make for your congregation duringRev. Dr. Alyn Waller, senior pastor of Enon the pandemic?Tabernacle Baptist Church, was interviewed byThe biggest change is that were doing everything reporters on the staff of the Enon Healthy Warrior.online. When I go to church on Sunday to preach, Responses have been edited and condensed. the whole church is empty. I dont see people or hear people saying things back to me. Did you need to learn howYou tested positive for COVID-19 early into use Zoom to deliver yourthe pandemic. Was it scary?sermons when the pandem-ic started? What was thatIt was scary because when I found out in April of like for you? last year, it was very new and we didnt know a lot I did know how to use Zoomabout it. I never had any symptoms, so I spent two before the pandemic, but Iweeks in the basement of my house playing Play-didnt know all of the featuresStation until I could be around my family again.of Zoom. So there was aI learned to take care of myself more and howlearning curve.important it is to have a healthy lifestyle. Butplaying PlayStation was really fun for two weeks. How have the topics of your sermons Nobody could come near me, so no one couldchanged since the pandemic? tell me I had to stop! The pandemic has not necessarily changed myWhat has the church done and what is the sermons. However, some of the events of lastchurch doing to help the community?year have, such as the killing of George Floyd andFirst of all, we got involved by donating money to Breonna Taylor, and some of the problems peopleother organizations which needed help because are having with systemic racism. Ive been tryingof the pandemic. Then we worked with Einstein to help people stay encouraged while were goingHealthcare Network to provide COVID testing and through this and while dealing with the pandemic. vaccinations and food distribution. We are providing counseling. We are also speaking up against things 38'