b'Illustration by Gizelle Diaz-Hernandez, fifth grade, Willliam Cramp Fit FlyerAugustSummers over,When I went to Wildwood, it was fun. I went with my sister, friend and my friends family. I went ona new school year begins this log ride and it was so scary, but my sister andeveryones a year olderfriend thought it was fun and they got on it like aor going to be.billion times. Also I got on the kid rides becauseAnd still, its the pandemic.Im literally scared of everything. Akirah Bunn-Holmes, fifth grade William Rowen Healthy Roar SeptemberWhen we went camping with our friends, it was very fun because we celebrated my brothers 13thAt first, I thought I was going to have a different birthday. We went hiking and sang songs aroundteacher and different classmates, but they were the campfire with my friends dad, who madeactually the same people from when I was insongs about all of my family and friends.second grade, and I had the same teacher. Elliot Bartlett, fourth grade Jaxson Pointer, third grade Cole Manor Healthy CometEnon Healthy Warrior9'