b'an important part of Marthas Choice. But, he added, the most important thing was keeping everyone safe.Because of the pandemic, he said, more people were needing food and other assistance since they had lost their jobs. Marthas Choice staffers even ordered rides for people who couldnt get to the food pantry. They also helped people look for jobs and pay rent and other bills. Mr. Walsh said that it takes a lot of people to make sure Marthas Choice runs smoothlyespecially volunteers. Usually, many volunteers would beIllustration by Alland Adorno, eighth grade,school kids and older people, but because of theAMY Northwest Healthy Bulldogpandemic they had to stay home. It was especially difficult to feed the huge number of people in need at Marthas Choice without the usual volunteers,ahead to plan for what could happen next. HeMr. Walsh said. said he had found time to learn more abouthimself, too.Despite the challenges, some good things hap-pened. For instance, Marthas Choice got a farmHe will tell his grandchildren, he said, that thewhere it could grow food and flowers to give topandemic was difficult, but I was lucky to help people. As vaccinations got started, he said hepeople when they were struggling.hoped people would soon be able to shop as be-By Kimberlyn Santiago Monjaras,fore and pick out their own food. Brianna Hernandez, and Katelynn Gibbs Through the pandemic, Mr. Walsh said, he learnedGotwals Healthy Pressto be a better leader, make time for his family, slow down, pay attention to what people need, and look 27'