b'Staying connected with other writers was also important. Shes part of a few groups, including a writers group, whose members encouraged one another through email and Zoom chats. Sometimes when youre writing you feel very much alone, Ms. Cline-Ransome said. Itsimportant to support each other.She also made a point of checking up on neigh-bors to see whether they needed anything. She started buying from her local bookstore instead of borrowing from the library. I made sure each week I bought a book from my local bookstore, because I wanted to make sure that the bookstore survived, she said. She also donated moneyto other local businesses to help them paytheir employees. Ms. Cline-Ransome is the author of 20-somechildrens books and four novels. Writingenergizes me, she said. When Im just startinga project, Im doing research and diving intoinformation. When Im learning about mycharacters and different subjects, I cant waitto get up in the morning and start working.Her work includes books about abolitionist Harriet Tubman, poet Langston Hughes, and athlete Satchel Paige. Her current project is a book about the late Congressman John Lewis.Illustration by Gizelle Diaz-Hernandez, fifth grade, Willliam Cramp Fit Flyer 43'