b'People have found new ways to stay in touch with friends and family by using new technology and creative ideas. It is good that we find new ways to be close while being apart. Many of us might have taken that stuff for granted before, but now see the value of what we had when we could see friends and family whenever we wanted. Isabella Aviles, fifth grade St. Veronica Catholic School contributing writerI have discovered some really cool hiding places in my house. During the pandemic I tried to find things in my house, like I found this cool picture that I never saw before. It was in a dusty drawer and it was a picture of me, my mom, and my two sisters. I was one, I think, and my sisters were like three and four.Illustration by Makayla Vargas, fifth grade, William Cramp Fit Flyer Kimberlyn Santiago, third grade Gotwals Healthy PressMy hopes and dreams after the pandemic are toAfter the pandemic I want to start my own YouTube socialize with other people because I havent donechannel that does challenges, pranks, vlogs, and that. I need to think so that when we go back toother things. I also want to travel the world and school I can picture fifth grade making some go on many trips because Ive been locked up at new friends.home and never get to go anywhere anymore.Josiah Reid, fourth grade James Logan Healthy EagleMaleah Dixon, fourth grade James Logan Healthy Eagle58'