b'April During the beginning of the pandemic, Easter felt I never understood how much social interactionvery strange to me. I usually go and meet up with I experienced at school until the end of the firstall of my cousins and relatives and eat food in the month of my self-quarantine. I had been trappedbackyard when playing baseball, football, or just in my house with my family for days at that point,talking. But this year, we werent able to.when my reading and composition class hadThere were other holidays that we had to celebrate a Zoom conference. I had done them for otherduring COVID-19, but this one certainly stood out. classes so I wasnt exactly excited for the opportu- It was SO different from all the other years. The nity. It was just another Zoom lecture. thing I had been doing for my entire life suddenly As it turned out, it wasnt a lecture, it was a conver- was canceled. This has happened on and on for sation. It was a discussion about our last currentevery single event. We spent the entire day inside, events assignment that I didnt know I desperatelyand that was it.needed. The conversation was explosive. DifferingI will always remember this because its a one-time opinions flew left and right, people brought theirthing. A pandemic destroying and canceling Easter cats to join in the fun, family members popped infor my entire family for an entire year? Thats too and out of the frames, and the controlled chaoscrazy to forget.felt incredible. I relished in the opportunity to argueGrace Charokopos, fifth grade and challenge their opinions. I didnt even realizeEast Norriton Bulldog Bulletinhow isolated I was feeling until I was able to talkto them in a creative and intellectual settingonce again. I made my baseball team and I was so happy. It is Siani Wright, eighth gradea travel baseball team and a lot of my friends play Waring Healthy Timeson the team. We did get to play, but everyone had to wear masks.Landon Barnett, fourth grade Cole Manor Healthy Comet 6'