b'Answering the callFrom the ER to a city parking lot, doctors and nurses were on the front lines, working long hours and facing unprecedented risks to save lives.Bhavna Sharma, critical care doctor Through it all, she said, teamwork was vital. She relied on an entire team of nurses, medical techni-When the coronavirus wascians, physicians, and other skilled workers. We spreading rapidly, a physicianworked together seamlessly to care for the sickest at Einstein Medical Center patients, she said. As my 6-year-old says, team-Philadelphia said, she fearedwork makes dream work.becoming infected with the One of the biggest challenges was communicating virus and bringing it home with patients families. As the COVID pandemic to her young family. Her was raging, visitors were not allowed in the hospi-job was high-risk. She wastal, which was extremely frustrating and distressing working in the hospitalsfor family members of patients, Dr. Sharma said.intensive care unit, where she treated the sickestMeanwhile, she and her family were coping with COVID-19 patients. remote school for her two elementary school Like so many other frontline workers, Dr. Bhavnachildren. We made it work with a lot of help from Sharma responded to a once-in-a-century crisisbabysitters, day care, and aftercare. Thankfully, that required medical staff at Einstein and aroundmy workplace was also supportive and helped the world to go into high gear. At the start of the adjust my hours when needed, she said.pandemic, she was sometimes working 12 days straight without a break. Many patients had de-There was fear and thenveloped severe breathing problems and needed lifesaving treatment.It was scary, she said. There was fear and thena lot of hope when we sawa lot of hope when we saw people who were very,people who were very,very sick get better. very sick get better.17'