b'MayOn May 13, 2020, I finally went out of the house after two months of being inside scared to come out, thinking that I could catch the coronavirus as soon as I stepped out the door. This day stands out the most to me because my mom told methat we were going out to get seafood, and the only way that I can get some is if I come knowing that will get me out of the house,because I love seafood. Bahiyah Jones, eighth grade Illustration by Ethan Adorno, eighth grade,AMY Northwest contributing writer AMY Northwest Healthy BulldogWhen George Floyd died, so many eyes were When the coronavirus cases hit 1 million [in theopened to see that racism is still here. George U.S.], those numbers blew my mind. It pushed meFloyds death not only affected his own familys life to take a step forward in washing my hands morebut the whole world because of what happened often and bringing hand sanitizer with me every- and how it happened. I believe that is something where I go. I was a lot more cautious to keep meI will never forget because of how sad it was. It and others safe. I was also even careful to wear aallowed people to see that racism was not gone. I mask around family to also keep them safe. can remember people protesting against the cops, that they should have to face charges.Brooklyn Davis, fifth gradeI also remember how cases of COVID-19 were William Rowen Healthy Roar going up, while more and more people were dying and getting sick.Layla Graham, eighth grade AMY Northwest contributing writer 7'