b'The pandemic reminded me how much I reallyLesa Cline-Ransome, childrens book authorlove what I do, said Ms. Ryan. When we got back together as an orchestra at the end of JuneThe coronavirusand July, we were recording projects at the Mannpandemic taught a Music Center, because its outside.childrens book author The first time we got to be together, I was almostthat she needed to crying. It reminded me how much I love playingspend more timemusic with other people. with her family. By Maleah Dixon, Serenity McGriff, Before the pandemic, and Journee Williams-MarineyLesa Cline-Ransome James Logan Healthy Eagle said, she traveled alot. When COVID-19 put a stop to travel, she began making virtual visits from her homein upstate New York. That allowed her to be in different places every day.It made me realize I travel too much, need to be home more, need to spend more time with family, she said. After the pandemic started, three of her four children came home to stay with her and her husband. The family would eat dinner and then sit together for hours, laughing and talking, she saidthe pandemic made them feel closer.It also changed her work life, as she learned that she could write and focus better at home: Sitting at my desk is different than if Im writing in anIllustration by Ava Thongvanh, eighth grade,airport waiting for them to call my flight or in aDePaul Healthy Trailblazer Journal hotel knowing I have to speak in 30 minutes. 42'