b'Its spring again.AprilSlowly, were emergingbut the world is different. Being back in the classroom is great. Its also very different because there are only three kids in the classroom, and just more rules and regulations. Another plus is that we get served breakfast at our desk each morning, and its less noisy. Recess is March fun. One more thing is that we stay at our desks, which is boring. But it is what it is. So overall it is It feels like its longer than a year, but it also feelscool being back, Id give it a nine out of 10.like its shorter than a year. Its been winter before Gino Falco, fourth grade and we were still worried about COVID then, too.Cole Manor Healthy CometAll the days blend together and I heard on the news that theres something about having new stuff in your life that helps your brain rememberWhen I went back to school, I felt a lot of differ-stuff. But not a lot of new stuff is happening. So itsent things. We could not go on the equipment at hard to remember stuff.recess and we had to wear a mask at lunch. WhenJ.D. Esters, seventh gradeyou get your food, it is in a bag. You have a num-Enon Healthy Warriorber on your lanyard which tells you where to sit and you sit at a desk at lunch. Jose Arteaga Moreno, fourth grade Everything feels boring and empty. It makes meCole Manor Healthy Cometunderstand how important human interaction is more than ever. Aritra Kundu, eighth grade Waring Healthy Times 14'