b'Participating programsWe salute the educators who served as faculty advisors of the Healthy NewsWorks newspapers at thefollowing elementary and middle schools and a community program during the 202021 school year.Norristown Area School DistrictIndependence Mission Schools Cole Manor Healthy Comet, Sarah Rathgeb DePaul Healthy Trailblazer Journal, East Norriton Bulldog Bulletin, Victoria Strickland Christopher Leonard Gotwals Healthy Press, Katie OgoussanSt. Veronica Healthy Hero, Diane Muller Whitehall Healthy Reporter, Tami PetersonCommunity Program School District of PhiladelphiaEnon Healthy Warrior, Rev. Kevin Murphy AMY Northwest Healthy Bulldog, Kelly Judgeand Sar Mingo and Stephanie McKennaJames Logan Healthy Eagle, Morgan Washington- LeslieLaura Waring Healthy Times, Kimberly MitchellWilliam Cramp Fit Flyer, Dan FitzsimmonsWilliam Rowen Healthy Roar, Danecia Berrian65'