b'Authors and illustratorsOur thanks to our student newspaper teams and other book contributors, as listed below.We are grateful to all students in our program whose ideas and questions helped shape this book.Alland Adorno, Healthy Bulldog Brooklyn Davis, Healthy RoarEthan Adorno, Healthy Bulldog Evelyn Deskins, Healthy CometKwonnie Alexander, Healthy Trailblazer Journal Sofia Diaz, Healthy HeroDeysha Alvarez, Healthy Hero Gizelle Diaz-Hernandez, Fit FlyerHaalah Amar, Healthy Times Maleah Dixon, Healthy EagleCatherine Arena, Healthy Comet Jenna Dominguez, Fit FlyerAlba Arias Salgado, Healthy Comet Biko Esters, Healthy WarriorJose Arteaga-Moreno, Healthy Comet J.D. Esters, Healthy WarriorIsabella Aviles, St. Veronica Contributor Lily Esters, Healthy WarriorMayar Baoum, Healthy Comet Samyah Evans, AMY Northwest ContributorElliot Barlett, Healthy Comet Gino Falco, Healthy CometLandon Barnett, Healthy Comet Teagan Farrell, Healthy CometTakayla Bell, AMY Northwest Contributor Cameron Ferraro, Bulldog BulletinStephen Berrian, Healthy Roar Jehiel Ferrell, Healthy Trailblazer JournalDayana Blas Reyes, Healthy Comet Nalanie Figueroa, St. Veronica ContributorDari Brown, Healthy Press Daniel Fuller, Healthy CometAkirah Bunn-Holmes, Healthy Roar Christopher Garchinsky, Healthy ReporterKevin Butler, Healthy Eagle Katelynn Gibbs, Healthy PressAlexandra Carpenter, Bulldog Bulletin Ava Gordon, Healthy ReporterMekhi Carter, Healthy Roar Layla Graham, AMY Northwest ContributorKaeley Cazares, Healthy Comet Alex Granger, Healthy Trailblazer JournalSara Chaaraoui, Bulldog Bulletin Zachary Greer, Healthy RoarGrace Charokopos, Bulldog Bulletin Ameer Harris, Healthy EagleHanna Chen, Healthy Comet Joshua Harris, Healthy Trailblazer JournalJordan Chhay, Bulldog Bulletin Jayvyn Harrison, Healthy RoarLogan Commale, Bulldog Bulletin Briana Hernandez, Healthy PressLyric Cooper, Healthy Roar Aaron Howard, Healthy Eagle66'