b'Erika Keith, customer service representativeBecause of the 6-foot-distancing and mask rules, I cant spend as much time with customers. We Erika Keith is a customer service representative atneed to get people in and out of the store.the ShopRite of East Norriton grocery store. SheDid selling supplies become easier orspoke with reporters on the staff of the Cole Manorharder during the pandemic? Healthy Comet in March 2021. Responses haveSome things have become harder and some been edited and condensed. easier. Lysol disinfectant is in high demand be-What is your role at the cause people are using it to sanitize. But we dont grocery store?get that as often as we used to, so we dont sell as My role is to take care of themuch. We are getting wipes in now, so those are customers. When the custom- easier to sell.ers have problems, I try to re- What happened when you were low on supplies? solve them. When we have aWhen were low on supplies, customers arent hap-product thats not in stock, mypy. We are limited in what we can give customers job is to get it for them. Dur- so that everyone gets what they need. Sometimes ing the pandemic, that hasntcustomers can only purchase one or two of an item.always been easy to do.How did the pandemic affect your personal life?What extra responsibilities do you have I am the mother of five children, ages 8 to 14,now as a result of the pandemic? and they are now 100% virtual. It was a big shock We have a lot of employees not working becauseand change at firstI used my positive energyof the pandemic, so now I do many jobs. I fill into encourage my kids that this is temporary and anywhere the store needs help. not permanent. What is your favorite part of working at theWere there any changes as a result of thegrocery store? How did that change during pandemic that youd like to see continue after the pandemic? the pandemic is over?Im personableI love to see and hear people.Absolutely. Customers come into the store to thank I love to uplift people when theyre feeling down.us just for working. That didnt happen before the 28'