b'Dong Lien, strength and conditioning coachDong Lien is the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Philadelphia Phillies. He was inter-viewed during Spring Training 2021 by Trevor Mariathasan, Sophia Plummer, and Logan Comale with the East Norriton Bulldog Bulletin. Responses have been edited and condensed. What made you interested in becoming a strength coach?I realized at an early age I just Illustration by didnt have enough home-run Cameron Ferraro, sixth grade, power. And my fastball just East Norriton Bulldog Bulletin wasnt fast enough to make it to the highest level and be a professional baseball player. I realized that becoming a But he said all challenges and adversity make youcoach was the next best thing I could do that would stronger. Once the pandemic is past us, we willbring me closest to playing on the field and working realize how much we learned about ourselves andwith these amazing, great athletes.how much stronger we are as people, he said.Is the purpose of your training to prevent inju-For me, Ill be a better runner and a better personries or to rehabilitate players who are injured?in general. I think that this time will benefit all of usand our grit! If you persevere through difficultIt is both. We do a little bit of rehabilitation work times, you can make it. with the guys who were healthy and then were in-jured, who got knocked down and got some bumps By Alexandra Carpenter and Jordan Chhayand bruises and have to rehabilitate. You are East Norriton Bulldog Bulletin always trying to prevent injuries to an extent. At the same time we try to help their performance, whether 48'