b'Illustration by Mya Tyler, eighth grade, Waring Healthy TimesMs. Lara said the pandemic was hard on her staff,responsibility as head of my family and as a jour-which includes a lot of volunteers. Many havenalist, said Ms. Lara, who has three children, ages been left at vulnerable places in life, because of10, 17, and 19.loss of jobs, family members, and friends. FiveWhen asked what lessons the pandemic offered, members of the Impacto team got sick with CO- Ms. Lara said: Weve come to realize were all in VID, she said.the same boat. But at the same time, she added, On the plus side, technology helped her team.the privilege and inequities have been made more Even though its not the same as interacting inevident to everybody. person, technology has played a big role in helpingIn a heartfelt moment in the interview, she said, I us stay connected, Ms. Lara said. dont think we need to go back to normal. I think She is a naturally positive person with a lot ofwe have changed as a world. I think we need to faith, which helped her during the pandemic, sheembrace that this is the new world.said. I try to start every day with the mentalityBy Deysha Alvarez, Sofia Diaz, and Flor Munoz that I am doing what I like, and that I have a giantSt. Veronica Healthy Hero33'