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Our Program Works in Grades K-8

Teachers: We appreciate your interest in Healthy NewsWorks. This page serves as gateway to nonfiction books, writing activities, educational videos, and By Kids, For Kids, our health news service written and illustrated by elementary and middle school students. Explore the kid-friendly resources below and learn how you can showcase your students’ work on our website.

News & Information

Teacher Workshops

During the 2023-24 school year, we’ll offer training to help you deepen your knowledge about journalism and health. Watch this space.

Consent Forms

Find permission form links to share with your students’ parents or guardians to allow us to publish their names with their work.  

Health Beat

Access our curriculum online if you are a participating teacher. To register, contact Mia Blitstein, program manager, mblistein@healthynewsworks.org.

By Kids, For Kids

Our health news service is a rich source of age-appropriate health information and activities you can share with your students. And we encourage you to send us their work to consider for publication.

Classroom Activities

Focus on Healing from Challenges

Check out our videos and student-created book with experts discussing resilience, kindness, friendship, mindfulness meditation, empathy, coping skills and other topics.

Research and Write about Climate Change

Looking for activities related to climate change? This page can get you started. We will continue to update it. Check back!

Empower Kids to Express Themselves

Your students can be published writers and artists at Healthy NewsWorks. We have ideas for topics and we invite you to submit student work you may already have.

Read about Health & Community Leaders

Share engaging informational text and writing activities with your students. Our nonfiction books feature dozens of health and community leaders from Philadelphia and beyond.

How to submit your students’ work

Bring Us to Your School

Explore our school-based program options

Since 2003, Healthy NewsWorks has been empowering elementary and middle school students to become researchers, writers, and confident communicators who advance health understanding and literacy through their factual publications and digital media.