How can you tell if a website is trustworthy?

Look for clues to help you decide if it is a reliable source

1. Which ending in a web address tells you that it is for a business?


2. What does .org stand for?


3. In a story about teeth, the best expert would be a:


4. What does plagiarism mean?

To promote someone's words  
To steal someone's words  
To source someone's words  
To invent someone's words  

5. Where will you typically find information about a website's authors?

On the home page  
On the about us page  
On the news page  
On the table of contents page  

6. Which clue suggests that a website might be trustworthy?

It asks you for personal information  
It asks you to buy something  
It provides you with sources for its information  
It uses personal stories presented as facts  

7. Which clue suggests that a website might be trustworthy?

It comes up first in a Google search  
It has a recent date on its home page  
It has a lot of games and videos on the topic  
Your friends tell you it is a great website  

8. What can you learn by looking at the ending of a URL?

What the purpose of the website is  
Where to get more information  
How long the website has been around  
If the website is up-to-date  

9. What word does not describe someone who is an expert?

In training  

10. Which clue may not help you identify a trustworthy website?

It provides opinions without sources  
It updates the information regularly  
It uses information from experts  
It explains the purpose of the website  

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