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In Appreciation

Thank you to the following companies, individuals, organizations, and foundations for their contributions to our program. (Listing for fiscal year ending June 30, 2022.) 

Community Partners

Special Awards

2021 IMPACT Award Winner

The IMPACT Award winners are recognized for innovative and transformational programs that make our communities healthier.

Project Innovation Grant Recipient

Project Innovation recognizes local non-profit organizations that are leveraging technology to solve everyday problems.

Program Supporters

Benjamin Rush Society

We gratefully acknowledge Benjamin Rush Society members for their significant contributions.

Amy Ginensky and Andrew Rogoff

The Green Street Fund

Laurie Hack and Jack Hershey

Lisa Kabnick and John McFadden

Nancy Petersmeyer

Tom Uhlman and Lisa Spiegel

Managing Editor

Jim and Kay Gately Charitable Fund of Vanguard Charitable

Robert Heim and Eileen Kennedy

Elizabeth B. Rappaport, M.D., and Daniel Fife, M.D.


BTC Envelopes & Printing, LLC, President Andrew D. Magnus

Drs. James Buehler and Lydia Ogden

Crowley Family Foundation of Fidelity Charitable 

Gamble Family Foundation

Elizabeth H. Gemmill

Moriah and Dave Hall

Alice Hausman and Jesse Berlin

Omar D. Joseph

Katherine Hatton and Richard Bilotti Fund of Princeton Area Community Foundation

Betsey and Mike Useem

Elizabeth and Tony Vale

Ellyn Jo Waller

Anne Jeffrey Wright

Anonymous (1)


Bradley & Bradley Associates

Dotty Brown

Joel Catindig

Luther T. Clark, M.D.

Debra Coglianese, DPT, OCS, ATC

Michael Days and Angela Dodson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Ercole

Donald and Arecka Foote

Gross Kurtz Family Philanthropic Fund of the American Endowment Foundation

Rob and Lis Grossman

Health Partners Foundation

Leroy Howell

The Krulik Family

Langan Engineering & Environmental Services

Jane Isaacs Lowe

Lorina Marshall-Blake

Diana and Sam Mason

Drs. Paul and Bonnie Offit

Jeffrey Price

Margaret Walton Ralph

Catherine and James Schunder

Susan W. Spencer

Walter H. Tsou, M.D., M.P.H.

Anonymous (1)


Linda Austin

Barry Bryant and Genevieve Lambert

Jolley Bruce Christman

Rebecca Craik

Jack and Bettyann Creighton

Taunya English

Susan and Marvin Greenbaum

William Harvey

Jeremy Heymsfeld

Kenneth Jarin

Vicky Kinzig

Kate Hovde and Ken Kulak

Debi and Ron Hoxter

Andrea Knox

KidsGive Sierra Leone (Lawrence University)

La Salle Academy of Philadelphia

Lewis, Shoffner & Co., PC, CPAs

Njeri K. McGill

Colleen McKenzie

Mark and Kathryn Miani

Jason Price and Keith Wilson

Cary and Ned Rice

Beth Schachter 

Jane Perry Shoemaker

The Small Business Accounting Solution

Stephen and Juliett Steenkamer

Betsy and Lawrence Stern Charitable Trust of Fidelity Charitable

Deborah Stern

Steven and Mary Lou Van Eman

Anonymous (1)


Elisa Abelhoff

The Anderson Gutierrez Family Gift Fund of The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving

Rebecca Bien and David Poll

Andrew Cooper, Cooper Eagle, LLC

Bill Corr and Susan Steinmetz

Judith Gay

Robert Gunther

Paul and Jeannine Kelly

Mary Lowe Kennedy

Paulette and David Kessler

Sharon Manker

Diana and Sam Mason

Sara S. Moran

Payton Press, LLC

Jason Price and Keith Wilson

George and Sandy Shoffner

The Small Business Accounting Solution

Michael Zuckerman and Jan Levine

Anonymous (2)

Memorial Gifts

Lisa Tracy
In memory of Jeanne Eichelberger

Diane Johnson Davis
In memory of Chemaine and Scott Johnson

Barry Koch
In memory of Dr. Mari Duncombe Koch and son Kalgin Koch

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kelly
In memory of Robert Loro

Isabelle Tennenbaum 
In memory of my father Nemat

Sky Jeannette
In memory of Hilde and Rudolph Uhlman

Honorary Gifts

Ron Davis 
In honor of Taj Davis

Leonard and Susan Klehr
In honor of Courtney Ercole

Lis and Rob Grossman
Rob and Laurie Gunther
Lisa Kabnick
Martha Morse
Jay Mudrick and Fran Kahn
David Richman
Lynda and Ed Rogoff
In honor of Amy Ginensky

Chris Owens and Sandy Newman
In honor of Amy Ginensky and Andy Rogoff

Eve Bogle
Sarah Hershey
In honor of Laurie Hack

RWJF Special Contributions Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation
In honor of Katherine Hatton 

Shelby Simmons and Richard Natow
In honor of Andrew Magnus

Debra Weinstein
In honor of Andrew and B.J. Magnus

Luisa and Eric Rabe
In honor of Martha Morse

Kate Fuller
In honor of Bonnie Offit

Anonymous (1)
In honor of Deborah Stern

Lisa Spiegel
Jane Von Bergen
In honor of Marian Uhlman

Beth Schachter
In honor of Susan Weiss


Marc and Jill Altshuler

Nell Anderson

Kathy Berardi

Aritha Berroa

Carolyn Boswell

Rickie and David Brawer

David Brown

John V.R. Bull

Joyce L. Cayetano

E. David Chanin

Jan Clarke

David Cochran, D.M.D., and Susan FitzGerald

Amy Cohen

Thomas and Paula Cosgrove

Ann and Michael D’Antonio

Amy Deahl Greenlaw, R.D.N., L.D.N.

Gail Denber

Sheryl DeVaney and Family

Erin Doyle-O’Connor

Melissa Dribben

Lawana Dumas

Josh and Rachel Dunaief

Beth Duncombe and Jeff Butler

Iris Fluellen

Gene Foreman

Deborah Friese

Anne Gimbel

Don Groff and Kris Lindenmeyer

Michael and Andrea Gross

Steven Gruber

Carol Guensburg and Craig Gilbert

Dr. Trude Haecker and Robert Day

Mary Beth Hegeman

Demer Holleran

Guy and Shelly Homer

Lauren Horvath

Scott and Jennifer Isdaner

Kenny Johnson

Charlie and Linda Kinzig

Gail and Howard Kunreuther

Tom Lee and Mary McTernan

Shermaine Lewis

Josephine Yvonne McFadzean

Dr. A. Scott McNeal

Rev. Leroy Miles

David and Judi Mink

Martha Moore

The Moser Family

Katie Ogoussan

Virginia Palmer

Maria Panaritis

Barry and May Pritchard

Melissa Reams

Howard and Ruth Rosenberg

Suzette Sebastian

George and Sandy Shoffner

Cheryl and Neil Shusterman

Erich and Margaret Smith

Stewart Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable

Jen Su and Del Levin

Lee and Nancy Tabas

Thomas Jefferson University employee

Jean Wallace

Thomas and Lynn Watanabe

Signe Wilkinson

Khine Zaw, Asian American Chamber of Commerce

Anonymous (4)

Matching Gift Programs

American Water

Comcast Corporation

Independence Blue Cross


The Philadelphia Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


In-Kind Partners


The Alfred and Mary Douty Foundation

Alpin J. and Alpin W. Cameron Memorial Foundation

The Christopher Ludwick Foundation

Claneil Foundation

Hamilton Family Charitable Trust

The Nelson Foundation

The Nessa Forman, David Forman, Eleanor and Solomon Forman Family Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation President’s Grant Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation

Rostair Foundation

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