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Healthy NewsWorks has evaluated its program since 2007 to learn what its impact is on participating students and teachers. Over the years, the results have consistently shown that student reporters develop writing, interviewing, and research skills; social and emotional skills such as teamwork and confidence; and knowledge of healthy behaviors. Teachers directly participating in the program confirm the benefits for the students, as well as their own skill set. Click on each icon below to read more!

Student Experience

Teacher Experience

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Student Reporter Experience

When we ask students in surveys if Healthy NewsWorks has taught them skills in life, health, and journalism, they overwhelmingly respond: YES!

Students say they build health knowledge.

Frequently Mentioned Health Topics:

  • Social/emotional health
  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Germs
  • Environment
  • Smoking

“I learned that sleep is more important than I thought. …Kids need about 10 hours asleep every-day.” Fourth grader

“What I learned is that all stress isn’t bad, some stress is good. For example, you have a book report and you are first to present it to your class. You might get butterflies in your stomach or sweaty hands, that is a sign of good stress. I also learned that if you are too stressed it can make you sick.” Third grader

“I learned about mindfulness. My favorite mindfulness activity is tracing my hand when I need to calm down.” Fifth grader

“I learned that nature can help your health and help you. For example being outside can lower your blood pressure. Also being outside can help you relax and lower stress.” Eighth grader

Students say they deepen their research and writing skills.

Frequently Mentioned Journalism Skills:

  • Interviewing
  • Web-based research
  • How to identify facts/ trustworthy information
  • Informational writing

“I also learned more about how newspapers are written. We talked about what it takes to write a newspaper. For example you’ll need a source, evidence. That’s important if you are going to write in a newspaper. Making sure that the source or site is trustworthy as well.” Fifth grader

“I learned that to never give up. I did rehearsals on interviews for days before the interview, and I also learned skills take time.” Fourth grader

“I learned to add more words to the details explain your reasons and don’t give up.” Fourth grader

“I learned new writing techniques.” Eighth grader

Students say they gain a wealth of life skills.

Frequently Mentioned Life Skills:

  • Confidence
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Presentation
  • Professional etiquette
  • Responsibility
  • Coping strategies

“What I learned to do is being kind, nice, polite, and have manners.” Fifth grader

“One thing I’ve learned being a member of the newspaper team is teamwork … if we put our minds together, we can create something great.” Eighth grader

“I learned how to be more responsible this year! In the future I plan to be a teacher because It is fun. Or maybe even a doctor.” Fifth grader

“You always have to learn new things every day. You learning stuff every day is very important. I have learned something new every day. And I am smarter than I thought.” Fourth grader

“Healthy NewsWorks inspired me to be a doctor. Now I want to solve cancer. I want to help people more.” Fourth grader

Teacher Experience

When we ask teachers in surveys if Healthy NewsWorks is a beneficial program for their school, they overwhelmingly respond: YES!

Teachers say their students are exposed to new skills & knowledge.

Frequently mentioned skills & topics for students

  • Interviewing skills
  • Research skills
  • Health information
  • Public speaking
  • Stress relief

Healthy NewsWorks’ curriculum “expose[s] students to new looks on life: meeting new people, writing for a variety of purposes, teaching others in our school community to be healthy, and researching how to be healthy all at the same time.” Third-grade teacher

“Students not only sharpen writing skills, but they learn about using reputable sources, public speaking and interviewing skills.  Along with that, students also learn more about how to be healthy, mentally and physically.” Fifth-grade teacher

“I love how my students were able to be hands on with research and interviewing. It really showed them how to be professional in the classroom. Another skill they have learned this year through the program is using reliable sources, which I can not stress enough.” Seventh-grade teacher

Teachers say they are exposed to new skills & knowledge.

Frequently mentioned enhanced skills & knowledge for teachers

  • Acquiring health knowledge
  • Strengthening research skills
  • Teaching writing
  • Working on deadlines
  • Implementing project-based learning

“I have become “deadline focused.” I have increased my knowledge in sourcing and identifying good sources vs. bad sources. … My knowledge in the writing process has been enhanced.” Sixth-grade teacher

“It helps me in breaking down big topics for my students, which I definitely use in other areas of instruction. I’ve become a more knowledgeable teacher in health topics and can apply that into my other class that don’t participate in Healthy NewsWorks.” Fifth-grade teacher

“I use all that I have learned about searching the internet for reliable information in all the subject areas I teach.  I constantly refer back to the Healthy NewsWorks lessons on these topics.  It has helped me to teach how to paraphrase in my other writing lessons when writing essays about a specific topic.” Third-grade teacher

“Healthy NewsWorks has enhanced my knowledge about project-based learning and how to engage my students in real-world experiences, such as interviewing.” Third-grade teacher

Teachers say they would recommend Healthy NewsWorks.

“I would recommend that teachers take part in this program. It helps enhance students writing skills and understanding of being healthy.” Third-grade teacher

“I think Healthy NewsWorks is truly a gift to me and the students. We are meeting influential people, talking about health issues, showing the benefits of teamwork in producing a newspaper, and experiencing the labor that goes into a project you can take pride in.” Eighth-grade teacher

“All the benefits and exposure students get while participating in this program shouldn’t be kept just to one teacher or school. As many schools and teachers as possible should participate.” Fourth-grade teacher

“Valuable and unique experience.” Third-grade teacher

Evaluation Strategy

Healthy NewsWorks is a unique program model that has a strong history of evaluating its programming since 2007, capturing a variety of indicators to tell the story of how Healthy NewsWorks impacts the participants. We conduct a process and outcome evaluation annually to measure the impact of our programs. We capture the number of schools engaged annually; counts of students participating; papers published and disseminated; teacher use of the papers/resource guide). Our outcome evaluation captures both quantitative and qualitative data that are used to determine the effectiveness of the program in enhancing student literacy skills and health knowledge.

Community Recognition & Awards

Healthy NewsWorks has been recognized for its work by the community, including:

GSK Impact Award

Recipient of the 2021 and 2018 GSK Impact Award, which highlights organizations that are working hand-in-hand with the community to improve health.

Project Innovation Grant: Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation

Recipient of a 2021 Project Innovation Grant from Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation, given to recognize nonprofits that use innovative solutions to address everyday problems in communities.

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Recipient of the 2016 Organizational Public Health Recognition Award, which recognizes an organization that has contributed to the community through any aspect of public health.

Since 2003, Healthy NewsWorks has been empowering elementary and middle school students to become researchers, writers, and confident communicators who advance health understanding and literacy through their factual publications and digital media.