Colemanor_Press-Conference2In our core newspaper program, children learn how to gather reliable and relevant health information that they can report on and share with their schools and communities.

The newspapers function like miniature city newsrooms with high journalistic standards and oversight. The student journalists conduct interviews, participate in press conferences, and write and illustrate stories on fitness, nutrition, safety, and more. Through this process they develop research and critical thinking skills.

The newspapers themselves promote and heighten health awareness; provide a source for reading enrichment; support and encourage readers to adopt better health habits; and address National Health Education Standards.  Each school produces an average of three newspaper issues per year.  Every child and teacher in the school receives a copy, and the students are encouraged to bring the newspapers home to share with their families.

Each year approximately 6,000 students and their families read the newspapers.

In addition to the variety of health-related topics that our students report on, we also allow them the opportunity to focus on a “special topic” each year to provide more in-depth coverage and activities on important and relevant subjects such as prescription drug safety and heart-health. These special topics are one way that we are able to expand the program to include online, audio, and video opportunities.


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