Our Newspaper Program

Student reporters share trustworthy health information

Our newspaper program is designed to engage elementary and middle school students as writers and readers. Our staff members partner with classroom teachers to implement lessons and activities that foster literacy, academic skills, and health knowledge. Our curriculum is aligned with National Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and National Health Education Standards. Newspapers are distributed in print and electronically in each participating school.

Healthy NewsWorks partners with classroom teachers to deliver three school-based programs that develop student literacy skills and enhance health knowledge:

  • Core Reporters (grades 3-8): a series of up to 24 lessons that develop students’ interviewing, writing, reporting, and research skills. Students create and publish school-based health newspapers and digital media on topics relevant to their peers and communities. Our 2022-23 theme is “Caring for Our Earth and Ourselves.” Students will report about and reflect on environmental issues and how kids can make a difference. They will also contribute to Healthy NewsWorks’ new print and e-magazine.
  • Cub Reporters (grades K-3): a junior reporting program that includes three tracks: Hearty Kids (5 lessons on heart health), Super Snackers (5 lessons on nutrition), and Kind Kids (5 lessons on social/emotional skills). Classrooms may complete one, two, or all tracks. Each lesson helps students learn and practice reading, writing, research, and reporting skills. Reporters help write and illustrate a junior section for their school’s health newspaper.
  • Special Lessons: offered to classrooms in schools that do not participate in the Core or Cub program. Lesson topics include writing about empathy, learning interviewing skills. and identifying reliable web-based sources.

In addition, Healthy NewsWorks has developed By Kids, For Kids (BKFK) as an online health news site written by and for children ages 5-14.

Since 2003, Healthy NewsWorks has been empowering elementary and middle school students to become researchers, writers, and confident communicators who advance health understanding and literacy through their factual publications and digital media.