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Create a superhero who could wipe out COVID-19

December 2021 … We are all tired of COVID-19. Here’s your chance to create a superhero who could wipe it out.Enter the Healthy Trailblazer Journal’s superhero contest. Draw an original picture of your superhero and write an short explanation of your character’s superpower.The deadline for submitting entries is Friday, Dec. 17. Please give them to Mr. […]

Ways to get outside, even if your neighborhood doesn’t feel safe

December 2021 … Healthy Eagle reporters recently interviewed Dr. Roxane Javadi, a pediatric resident at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, to ask about the health benefits of spending time outside. Her responses have been edited and condensed. Q. What happens when kids don’t get enough time outside?  When kids don’t spend enough time outside, they […]

Getting outside with the Better Bike Share program manager

November 2021 … Being outdoors has many physical and emotional health benefits, according to health experts. When you are outdoors, they say, you are more likely to exercise which is healthy for your body. Being outdoors also improves your mood, helps you focus better, and reduces stress. Kids need 60 minutes of exercise a day, […]

Learning how to care for our shared ecosystem

November 2021 … “Nature is not a toy,” a river expert recently told the Healthy Trailblazer Journal. “The river is alive and is always moving.” Joanne Douglas is the youth program manager at Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia which is a public garden on the banks of the Schuylkill.  She teaches high school students about the […]

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In the fresh air

By Madison, 3rd grade | January 2022 … Three activities I like to do to help me relax are the park, the backyard, and the air. I like to go to the park so I can run and meet new people. I go to my MomMom’s home to play in the backyard with my friend. […]

Get the blood pumping

By Peyton, 5th grade | January 2022 … My favorite outdoor activity is playing tag. It’s my favorite because you run a lot and it gets your heart pumping. I do this activity every day outside with my friends and at school sometimes. I play for three to four hours at home and five minutes […]

It didn’t feel real

By Chase, 4th grade | January 2022 …  I feel good returning back to school because I get to see my friends and my teacher. I did not like it when we were virtual because it made my eyes hurt and I could not engage in the conversation. It did not feel real on the […]

No Wi-Fi trouble

 By Saada, 4th grade | January 2022 … I feel happy on returning back to school because I can now see my classmates in person. Next, I can do my schoolwork in class and not on a computer. I always had a  problem with the Wi-Fi, or the computer would not let me submit my […]



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Spanish Flu: Learning from the past

Help students discover the history of the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 and share what they learn in writing or illustrations.

Yellow Fever: Learning from the past

Help students discover the history of the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793 and share what they learn in writing or illustrations.