By Kids For Kids Lessons

These lesson plans are intended to help educators make the most of the nonfiction resources created by our student journalists.

The suggested activities build on the topics presented on By Kids For Kids and in our Leading Healthy Change In Our Communities book series.

The lessons related to the books are leveled for younger readers or Beginning Health Advocates (BHAs) and for older readers or Advanced Health Advocates (AHAs).

We will add to these lesson plans periodically, so keep coming back! We welcome your feedback and suggestions at Thank you for your interest!

By Kids For Kids Activities

The importance of self-care

Why you need enough sleep

Spanish Flu 1918: Lessons from the past

The ins and outs of dental care

Yellow Fever 1793: Learning from the past

Healthy NewsWorks Books

Brainstorm ideas and write a letter to the editor

Letter to Editor Lesson (BHAs)

Letter to Editor Lesson (AHAs)

Discuss a health topic and write to a health leader

Letter to Leader Lesson (BHAs)

Letter to Leader Lesson (AHAs)

Write a review of health-related media

Write a Review Lesson (BHAs)

Write a Review Lesson (AHAs)

Identify what makes a health leader’s work special

Health Hero Lesson (BHAs)

Health Hero Lesson (AHAs)