Student/Teacher Comments

Here is what some of our student journalists have to say about how Healthy NewsWorks has affected them: 

  • “Learning about health made me want to eat right and keep active.”
  • “I learned that a little walking a day can make a difference.”
  • “The newspaper has really stressed washing hands, so I have started to wash my hands more and have encouraged other people to also.”
  • “It showed me how to write in third person.”
  • “We should continue the paper because we should spread the word on health to people who are not that healthy.”

Teachers and principals also described how Healthy NewsWorks has benefited their school communities:

  • “The paper showed how health can be fun. Healthy articles spurred weekly healthy announcements about what teachers and students can do to stay healthy.”
  • “In classroom discussions about the newspaper, we talked about how eating healthy keeps you in good shape.”
  • “We read articles together as a class. … We go over text features – captions, authors, illustrators.”