Developing a daily routine

| By Laiya, 3rd grade | May 2020 … I am doing my work every day. My routine is to brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, and go to my Mom-Mom’s and Pop-Pop’s house. I wake up at 7:00 because my Mom has to work. I do not wear my pajamas all day […] Read More


Using Zoom to connect with others

| By Brookelyn, 4th grade | May 2020 … I miss being in school because I miss being able to see my friends, talk to them, and play with them at recess. I asked my teacher if we could have a Zoom meeting with the class so that I could see all of my classmates […] Read More


Staying busy during shutdown

| By Rosalyn, 4th grade | May 2020 … For the past few days I have been eating carrots with ranch dressing, oranges, and apples. I share it with my brother. I also have been helping my mom make biscuits. I hope I can bake again soon. When I am baking, I like being messy and […] Read More


Celebrating during the pandemic

| By Amaya, 3rd grade | May 2020 … I am quarantined with my mom, dad, and 3-year-old brother. My parents are essential workers because they run a store with limited hours. Every day is different. Four days out of the week my brother and I spend nine hours a day in the back of […] Read More


Spreading kindness at home

| By Marco, 3rd grade | April 2020 … Due to COVID-19, we are in our homes for a long time. At home, I help my mom watch my baby sister because my mom is doing school work. It can be hard because my baby sister can get out of my sight very fast. I am […] Read More


Help kids experiencing homelessness

| By Jayni, 3rd grade | April 2020 … Hey kids, do you want to spread cheer and make a difference while you’re indoors during COVID-19? I recently interviewed with Dr. Karen Hudson who is the program leader of the Homeless Health Initiative at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We talked about different ways to show […] Read More


Missing school

| By Bryana, 3rd grade | April 2020 … What I miss from school are my class and my teacher. I miss my teacher’s face and I miss my class’s laughs. When I was sad, everyone made my day and made me smile. I also miss Ms. Mia who helps us with our newspaper . […] Read More


5th grader talks about the shutdown

| By Trevor, 5th grade | March 2020…The coronavirus has affected my friends and me. Norristown schools, like many across the world, closed to prevent spread of the virus. Now, in addition to not going to school, I can’t go with friends to eat or to play sports. Also, I probably won’t have my birthday […] Read More


How it feels to interview an expert

March 2020 … Ava is an 8-year-old health reporter at Whitehall Elementary School. Her newspaper team talked with a Drexel University public health professor about the coronavirus on March 24. “At first I was really shy and I was not sure what to do,” she wrote about the interview with Dr. James Buehler, a professor of […] Read More


Q&A about the virus

March 2020 … Eight Whitehall Healthy Reporter third graders conducted their second interview by video this school year on Tuesday, March 24. For 45 minutes, the Norristown students posed nearly two dozen questions about the coronavirus to Dr. James Buehler, professor of health management and policy at the Dornsife School of Public Health at Drexel University. Dr. […] Read More