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Discover the environmental and health benefits of walking instead of riding in a vehicle, drinking water from reusable bottles, and disposing of electronics appropriately. 

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Playing baseball

By Brayden, Cole Manor Healthy Comet | I enjoy the summer because I get to play baseball and go to...

Too much phone

By Katherine, Cole Manor Healthy Comet | I noticed that I watch my phone for a long time, and that...

Considering device use

Considering device use

By Josiah, Cole Manor Healthy Comet | I think my pattern [with screens] is that I use the same...

Playing sports

By Jonathan, Cole Manor Healthy Comet | During summer I don’t like the heat, because I don’t want...

Walk the dog

Walk the dog

By Stephfon, La Salle Academy News | I learned that walking helps by saving the air because we are...

Changing thoughts

By Danna, Stewart Healthy Times | I would like to change how people see our world and show them...

Trip with a purpose

By Thabata, Catholic Partnership Schools Healthy Courier | Most trips that I’ve been on have been...

Good for the world

By Leiland, Healthy Trailblazer Journal | When I was younger, I used to always throw plastic...

Did You Know?

What's a difference between the Arctic and Antarctic?

One way to know whether you’re in the Arctic or Antarctic is by spotting the animals that live there. Polar bears live in the Arctic, and penguins live in the Antarctic. Source: Dr. Rachel Valletta

How long have we had electric cars?

The first electric car was invented by Robert Anderson in the 1830s. It was an electric carriage in Scotland, according to the Library of Congress.

Why is drinking water important?

Drinking water is one of the most important things people can do to take care of their health, according to Megan Carrier, a registered dietician with Einstein Healthcare Network. Water helps protect the body’s organs. It also helps with digestion and maintaining body temperature, she says. 

Talking To …

Rachel Valletta

Rachel Valletta, an environmental scientist who previously worked at The Franklin Institute, a science museum in Philadelphia, says there are the worrisome signs that the Earth’s climate is changing. But, she says, kids can do something to make a positive difference. And it’s simple: Talk about climate change. 


George James 

Empathy can help change the way people feel about themselves, according to Dr. George James, the senior staff therapist and chief innovation officer at the Council for Relationships. If you are supporting someone, they may see they are not alone. It can help them heal because they realize they are not the only person dealing with a problem. 



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