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Seeing animals

By Maya, AMY Northwest Healthy Bulldog | From time to time, Amy Northwest plans a school trip....

Growing food

By Christopher, Cole Manor Healthy Comet | Something I will do to help my community is growing...

Memories of friends

By Oneidalynn, William Cramp Fit Flyer | My best memories were at William Cramp where I first met...

Planting trees

By Maria, MaST Community Charter School Healthy Panther Post | I plan to help my father plant...

Relax your body

By Su’Hayla, Eleanor Emlen Healthy Roar | Art can be a peaceful thing and can help you relax if...

Gather recyclables

By Dallas, Cole Manor Healthy Comet | Something I will do to help my community is recycle metal,...

Grateful for everything

By Aubree, William Cramp Fit Flyer | Through all my years of Cramp Pre-K to 5th, I’ve met some...

Deserving respect

By Amelia, MaST Community Charter Healthy Panther Post | One thing I can do is to help the...

Did You Know?

Why do I need to eat vegetables?

Veggies may not be your favorite, but they’re super important. They’re full of important nutrients such as potassium, fiber, and vitamins A and C, all of which you need to be healthy. Most are low in fat and calories, so don’t worry about moderation!

Source: USDA

How much do I weigh on the moon?

Because gravity is different on the moon than it is on Earth, how much you weigh is different, too. A 110-pound person weighs only 18 pounds on the moon. And that same person would weigh 278 pounds on Jupiter! 

Source: NASA

What are 17-year cicadas?

Periodical cicadas, or Magicicada septendecim, spend 17 years underground so that fewer of them get eaten. It’s a survival tactic! 2024 is a year 17-year cicadas will emerge, but you don’t need to worry—they won’t hurt you or your pets.

Source: Purdue


Talking To …

Dr. Keith Leaphart 

Kids can be philanthropists, too. All it takes is “someone who is willing to do for others, to care for others, to put others before themselves,” says Dr. Leaphart, who has served as a board member of several organizations that donate money to groups that help others. He says philanthropy is a big word with a simple meaning: Love of mankind. It can involve donating money to others, he says, but it doesn’t have to.


Arlene Morgan

“I was born a journalist,” says Ms. Morgan, who was a reporter and editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer for more than 30 years. “I have always been very curious about how the world ticks. It was my desire to make the world better through the information we give people. And hopefully they will act on it and become better citizens and better human beings.”



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