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Michael Solomonov is an award-winning chef, cookbook author, and restaurateur whose food celebrates Israel’s diverse culinary landscape. He talked with our student journalists about being a picky eater, science in the kitchen, and staying healthy during the pandemic. 

Making a Difference

Joanne Douglas is manager of the Watershed Interpretation and Youth River Program at Bartram’s Garden, where she helps students explore the Schuylkill and teaches them to advocate for better care of our waterways. 

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Did You Know?

When will I stop growing?

We come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone will grow at different rates. But typically, girls reach their full height around age 15, and boys around age 16. Source: KidsHealth from Nemours

Why do we have baby teeth? 

Humans are diphyodonts, which means we have two sets of teeth. The baby teeth save space in our mouths so there’s room for our adult teeth to fit. But not all animals are limited to two sets of teeth. Polyphyodonts, which include sharks and crocodiles, keep growing new teeth all the time.  Source: UI Stead Family Children’s HospitalOxford University Press  

Why is sleep so important? 

Sleep isn’t just restful. When we sleep, our brains process what we learn during the day, and help us remember it. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you’ll have trouble recalling what you learned in school the day before! Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine

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Making a Difference

Dr. Ishmail Abdus-Saboor is a molecular biologist at the University of Pennsylvania. His research on how humans deal with pain is particularly important during the current opiod crisis. Find out why doing research makes him feel like a kid and what advice he gives to budding scientists.

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