The Leading Healthy Change In Our Communities book series is a project of Healthy NewsWorks that seeks to recognize and inspire outstanding contributions to community health and safety. We are grateful to the health leaders below for donating their time and sharing messages that are relatable and understandable to children in elementary and middle school. During the 2020–21 school year, we sought to include a broadly representative group of frontline workers, essential workers, communicators, counselors, artists, and others who could shed light on the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Titles and affiliations shown are as of year of recognition.)


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Meet the people in our 2022 book









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Meet the people in our 2021 book








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Introducing our 2020 leaders
How to make the world healthier







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Students shine at book launch
Letters to leaders: I want to help people who need help
Introducing our 2019 health leaders








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Spotlight on student authors at 2018 book event
Students bring focus to sports leader interview
Introducing our 2018 health leaders







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Community celebrates sixth Leading Healthy Change book
Generocity, social impact news site, highlights book launch
Meet the 2017 health leaders
Meet the artist behind the 2017 book cover
President and director of Free Library of Philadelphia serves as keynote speaker
Health education leader impressed by reporters






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2016 book launch: A night for celebration
NBC10 features book launch
WHYY’s Newsworks features book launch
Meet our 2016 health leaders
Franklin Institute educator fields questions for book
Former head of the CDC serves as keynote speaker for book launch
Reporters interview chief medical officer of MossRehab for book
Third grade class collaborates with 2016 health leader to fight hunger and homelessness





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The making of the 2015 book
Ovation for students at book launch
Reflections from three book authors
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Big interview at Highland Park






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VIDEO: Highlights of 2014 book-signing
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Student authors shine at 2013 book launch
Students share their reporting experiences
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Sixth graders interview Philadelphia police commissioner
Reflection by Heather McDanel, 2013 health leader
Reflection by Healthy NewsWorks alum




2012 book cover


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Community celebrates book launch
Recognition for Norristown authors
Year-end event in Norristown features book leader Tanya Thampi-Sen
Surprise encounter for book authors