A message to our community

Healthy NewsWorks believes that every child has the right and the need to acquire health knowledge and literacy skills. We seek to develop children’s powers of inquiry and to enable them to share accurate health information with their community. We design our work to be carried out in an atmosphere of respect for children, families, and teachers,  and to help pave the pathway to equity.

Healthy NewsWorks students explore a wide variety of topics through their own research and interviews, discover how to identify trustworthy sources of information, and learn to communicate relevant health information via print and digital media. Our students broaden their knowledge, develop interpersonal skills, become more flexible in their thinking, and learn to question information sources – all skills that will serve these children well throughout their lives.

In these times of contagion, unrest, awakening, and uprising, we reaffirm our long-held belief that each child is valuable and unique, and we understand that our students’ collective diversity strengthens all that we do. We recognize the need for all of us to demonstrate, not just by words, but by action, that Black and Brown lives matter, and we pledge in our work to address racial inequalities in health and in education by what we teach and how we teach it. We will grow our programs and organization so that, in partnership with our schools and communities, our students know that their lives matter and that we have given them the information and tools to make a difference in this world.