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AMY Northwest students feel safe at school
July 1, 2024

By AMY Northwest Healthy Bulldog reporters | The Healthy Bulldog recently gave 65 students and school staff a survey to learn how they felt about safety at AMY Northwest. The survey asked questions about ways AMY keeps the community safe, both physically and mentally. Survey participants included 21 sixth graders, 39 eighth graders, and five members of school staff.

When it comes to mental health support, 68.3% of the students said they felt supported at AMY. They attributed this finding to several factors, including approachable teachers and school counselor Ms. Blanco.

Most students said they felt safe at AMY either all or some of the time (93.4%).

Only 6.7% of students said they did not feel safe at school.

Students said the school staff, particularly the security guard, made them feel safe. While most students said the metal detector made them feel safe at school, one student commented that the metal detector “gives off the feeling that bad things might happen.”

Another student mentioned that although they felt safe in the school building, the walk to school was a different story. The student had been chased by a dog on the way to school and felt unsafe during the walk.

One survey question asked what the school did to keep students safe. One student answered, “The doors are locked when we are inside. We practice doing drills so we can know what to do for a real emergency. My friends also make me feel safe.”

When asked about safety at AMY, one student suggested that AMY hire a crossing guard to work outside of the school to help students safely cross the road.

Illustration by Hannah, seventh grade, MaST Community Charter.

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