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Working together to clean up a city
June 27, 2024

By William Rowen Healthy Roar reporters

Marvelous Cornelius
Written by Phil Bildner
Illustrated by John Parra

This book is about Cornelius Washington, who was a street cleaner and a trash collector in the city of New Orleans. He was important to the community. He greeted people every day, and they were happy to see him. Then, Hurricane Katrina came, and it flooded the city. There was too much for him to clean up alone, so people from all over came to help. The book is based on a true story.

“The book teaches people that the community is important to help pick up trash in the environment,” Samantha said. “It kind of felt like you were there in the moment to see what was happening.”

“I liked it because it had a lot of details,” Josslynne said. “The artwork was good because it made the book come alive.”

“I liked it because it’s teaching young people how to clean up after themselves,” another Healthy Roar staff member said.

This book is recommended for all ages because it’s about how to make the community a better place to live in and how the community is supposed to look when people work together.

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