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Sports are good for the body
June 21, 2024

By Jack, Colegio Nueva Granada reporter | Sports are good for your body in many ways. According to the Sports for Health Program of the World Health Organization, “sports can help your heart stay strong, help your bones grow, make your muscles stronger and improve your coordination and balance.” 

Sports can also help you relax, the program says, and different sports can help different health problems. Here are a few examples of how some sports can make you healthier. 

For example, I play baseball, it’s my favorite sport. Baseball has a lot of running. Just running can do good things like exercise your muscles in your legs and give you energy.  

You also use your arms to hit the ball and strengthen your muscles when you bat. Batting also helps your hand-eye coordination. You need to see the ball and while it’s coming at you, get ready to hit. After playing baseball, I feel like my legs and arms are strong.  

Soccer is also a good sport for your health. Soccer is good for your body because it improves your fitness, strength, and endurance. It strengthens your legs, head, and torso by passing the ball.  

Swimming is also good for your body. According to the Better Health Channel, swimming is a good all-round activity because it:  

  • Keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body. 
  • Helps you keep a healthy weight, healthy heart, and lungs.  
  • Tones your muscles and builds strength.All types of exercise help you burn calories. For example, according to information from Harvard, a 125-pound person can burn anywhere from 90 calories in 30 minutes of lifting weights, or they can burn 210 calories in 30 minutes of high-impact aerobics. 
About the author 

My name is Jack. I wrote this article because people don’t take exercise seriously, so I’m trying to help with that problem by teaching people how to exercise and why. I live in Bogota, Colombia. I always wanted to be a news journalist. So thank you for reading my article and I hope the next time you exercise you remember my tips.

Illustration by a Colegio Nueva Granada reporter.

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