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Exercise can boost your health, happiness
June 21, 2024

By Jose, Colegio Nueva Granada reporter | Exercise is good for your body because it can help you in your life in many ways, according to MedlinePlus, a U.S. government website. The following is information from the website. 

One example is that exercise can strengthen your bones and muscles and help prevent heart diseases or problems in your life like heart attacks.  

Exercise also can help you control your body weight. Another reason that exercise is good for your body is that it can take away the risk of stress and depression. When you exercise, it releases something called endorphins that are hormones that give you a boost of happiness. That can take away stress and depression so you can have a better mental health and a better life. 

Another reason why exercise is good is that exercise can improve your sleep, according to the National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest medical library. “Physical activity helps to regulate body temperature, which is necessary for falling asleep,” its website says. 

About the author 

Jose wrote this article so people could understand why exercise is good for your body. 

Illustration by Anthony, fourth grade, Cole Manor, 2022–23.

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