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Ways students stay healthy
June 20, 2024

By Michelle and AMY Northwest Healthy Bulldog reporters | Health means to get your body moving, according to the students in Room 601, particularly running, exercising, and going to the gym. The students added that eating fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy body, and taking care of yourself mentally and physically are also important aspects of health.

Why is it important for a person to try to stay healthy? Ming Lang Chen and Maya Jenkins said good health means you may have fewer problems with your health and body in the future. Other students said it was important so you don’t gain unwanted weight, or to simply stay alive.

To stay healthy, students in 601 eat vegetables and drink water, parts of a healthy diet. One student commented that the AMY cafeteria offers fresh fruit daily at lunch. Students also like to walk and stretch, and they try to get enough sleep. They enjoy playing soccer and basketball in gym class.

Jailynn Geraldino also said it is important to take care of our environment “so that we can live a safe and healthy life.” 

Illustration by Auria, fifth grade, Inquiry Charter.

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