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Planting trees
June 9, 2024

By Maria, MaST Community Charter School Healthy Panther Post | I plan to help my father plant trees in our garden. My father spends a lot of his time tending to his garden and planting a variety of different, vibrant plants, ranging from beautiful florals to vegetation. By helping out, I am able to spend quality time with my dad while helping out the community, as growing plants helps regular air quality. The plants will take in the carbon dioxide and let out clean oxygen that will help reduce pollution within my neighborhood.

Since birth, I’ve lived in a city area where cars, buses, and motorbikes drive past my house, and a place where my neighbors have barbecues while blasting music on their speakers weekly. So I can play my part in my community by helping to manage the pollution problem by planting vegetation that will assist in filtering the air, which will benefit everyone.

—Maria is in seventh grade.

Illustration by Maliyah, Eleanor Emlen E.S.

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