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Grateful for everything
June 9, 2024

By Aubree, William Cramp Fit Flyer | Through all my years of Cramp Pre-K to 5th, I’ve met some great friends and amazing teachers. Here I‘ve made many memories and built strong bonds. Every day, I learn more and more about this commu- nity and witness its growth. I’m grateful for everything that’s happened, and whenever I’m at Cramp I feel welcomed and respected..

I’m also grateful because of my friends like Aleena, Oneidalynn, Yarieliz, and Christopher, my grade partners and best friends through the years, who always defended and cared for me.

Thank you, Mrs. Morales, and Class 306 for being an amazing support this year! 

—Aubree is in fifth grade.

Illustration by Ameilia, seventh grade, MaST.

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